Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Tonight I spent all evening cleaning up my iPhoto and realized I've got tons of booty pics...So tonight I have decided to just post as many as I can without being too over the top...hehe Some may be repetitive but eh...It is what it is...You're either gonna like them or not. Oh and btw...subscribe to my blog PLEASE!!! Muah!!

 Happy #whootywednesday y'all!! 

Bush Company Pic's


Airport Bathroom Haha!! 

Naked!!! lol


Random #thongthursday pic...

 More Bush Company Pic's. I posted most of these on Instagram...

Naked...trying some different angles out in the mirror!!! 

All the angles of the tights that I wear to the gym!!

The new Peacock Tights from my Buddha!! 

Is that two hams fighting?? Bahaha! 

And last but not least the dress the my Buddha got me!! 

And that concludes all the #whootywednesday pics for this week!!! Now I can delete them all from my iPhoto! Yay! 
Make sure you subscribe!! Thanks y'all!! Muah!! xoxoxo


  1. my favorite are the naked one,the closer to your ass i just can smell it. you can imagine why i think;)))

  2. Very nice lovely etiquette plumptastic. Gorgeous fantabolous.

  3. you can sit that on my face anytime. #weallthinkingit

  4. Voce é a dona daquele rabo espetacular do youtube!!!! O que eu não daria para come-la!!!!

  5. ..this is one of my FAVORITE!!! pages. Seems Ica'tget enough of Melody Jai.

  6. My dick gets harder and harder everytime I see those pictures... You are so sexy!

  7. Now after looking at these pics I am stuck. You have a awesome body my lady, indeed. The shot from the back in the black one piece is to die for! I need that as a poster, name the price..:)