Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thong Thursday!!

I decided to do Thong Thursday on my blog since took my pictures down, and I don't really understand why cause I've seen plenty of nude pic's on that site. I just hope blogger won't take my stuff down either. I really need to get a blog that is run from my site so I don't run into this problem. So I will try and post all the old #thongthursday pic's here and continue to post them until blogger takes them down. Plus why drive traffic to a site that isn't supporting me or helping my career out? Time to drive the traffic to my projects : ) Enjoy #thongthursday!!

42' #thongthursday

Last weeks #thongthursday plus bonus pic!!

#thongthursday June 16, 2011

As I find the old #thongthursday pics I will put them up!

Happy #thongthursday!!


  1. I will forever love your beauty, your mind and your perfect body! I stop short of worship. I don't want to eat those nasty wafer thingys...but I would consider it;-)

  2. Words can not say just pretty that ass is and your body is chissled perfect.

  3. Waaaaaaaaa... No full size photos! *sniff*