Friday, July 3, 2015

4th of July Sale!!!

Hey y'all!! The time has come for my semi-annual 4th of July Sale. Below are all the awesome videos I have left from my site. Just a few copies remain of some of the hottest videos from last year and from the first part of this year. You don't want to miss this event.

Click Here for "Instructions"on how to order....

***Side note. These are screen shots from my old site. You have to purchase using the different methods outlined in the "Instructions" from the last post. 

Today ONLY!! Get this Bundle Pack with 3 Great Videos!! Trust me you don't want to miss this one. Includes 3 full length videos and 2 min "BONUS" XXX footage for $99. Get yours before time runs out!!!!

Video #1

Ever wondered what it would be like to get a lap dance from me? (Price of this video goes back to regular price after the sale)

Video #2
**Exclusive in this video pack**

Video #3
**Exclusive in this video pack**

New Video!!

Copies Available

       Click for Preview                Click for Preview               Click for Preview
        Copies Available               Copies Available               Copies Available
                  97                                       71                               "Unlimited"

        Click for Preview               Click for Preview
        Copies Available               Copies Available               Copies Available
           "Unlimited"                         "Unlimited"                              49     

        Click for Preview                 Click for Preview
        Copies Available                 Copies Available                Copies Available
                  40                                   "Unlimited"                             11

             Click for Preview
             Copies Available                          Copies Available 
                 "Unlimited"                                    "Unlimited"

                                                     Click for Preview                Click for Preview
        Copies Available                  Copies Available                 Copies Available
            "Unlimited"                                 22                                        17

            Click for Preview                            Click for Preview
             Copies Available                            Copies Available                      
                 "Unlimited"                                    "Unlimited"

Keep Scrolling....there is lots more to see

            Click for Preview
             Copies Available                           Copies Available 
                 "Unlimited"                                   "Unlimited"

               Copies Available                             Copies Available
                   "Unlimited"                                     "Unlimited"

            Copies Available                        Copies Available
                "Unlimited"                               "Unlimited"

            Copies Available                           Copies Available
                "Unlimited"                                   "Unlimited"

                                                            Copies Available

Old Content Packages

Payment for Products

Welcome!! And Thank You so much for stopping by to check out my sale. I am running this sale a bit different then I did last year. As most of you already know, my website was shut down over three weeks ago and this is the only method I have of sharing my content. Your patience during this process is greatly appreciated. A new site is in the works and will be up as soon as they are finished.

So how this is going to work is by me providing you with instructions on how to purchase my videos through Google Wallet, Facebook, or GoFundMe. Please follow the directions carefully. DO NOT ADD A DESCRIPTION FOR ANY PRODUCT DURING PAYMENT

Google Wallet:

1. Download App for your phone or sign up online.
2. Send a payment for the video you want.
4. Email me at to place your order.
5. I will email you the file via

**May take 1-24 hours to receive video. Depends on the abundance of orders.


1. Log into your Facebook account and add me
2. Send me a message with what video you wish to purchase.
3. Go to you Facebook settings and click on Payments.
4. Add a payment method.
5. Send money using messenger. 

Photos taken from Facebook


1. Go to
2. Make a donation for the amount of the video you wish to purchase. 
3. Email with item name.
4. We will send you the file using

Friday, June 19, 2015

Available Videos

I have compiled a list of all videos that are still available for purchase. If you are interested in purchasing any of these videos then you must email me for payment arrangements. Once a payment is received, I will email the file to you with Thank you all for your continued support!!!

Limited Edition Videos:

Title                             Price    Available

"Nothing but socks"                      $49.99      89 copies
"Pussy & Baby Oil"                      $49.99      49 copies
"Money Shot"                               $49.99      72 copies
"Ready for Some More"               $49.99      97 copies
"Ass and Baby Oil"                      $49.99      17 copies
"Applecakes"                                $49.99      11 copies
"Wet, Wet"                                    $49.99      22 copies

"Bubbles and Booty"                     $24.99      unlimited
"A Little Bit More"                      $24.99      unlimited
"Clap for Me"                              $24.99      unlimited
"Artistic Nude"                            $19.99      unlimited
"Full Length Preview"                   $1.99      unlimited
"You Can Get It"                           $9.99      unlimited
"Bum, Bum"                                 $9.99       unlimited
"Fuck Yo Couch"                          $3.99      unlimited
"Fuck Yo Couch pt 1"                   $9.99      unlimited
"Gold Bikini"                                $5.99      unlimited
"She a Rider"                                $5.99      unlimited
"Up Skirt"                                     $7.99      unlimited
"Baby Oil"                                    $9.99      unlimited
"Looking Forward from               $3.99      unlimited
"Smack that Ass"                         $3.99      unlimited
"Applauding"                               $6.99      unlimited
"Let me Make You a Bath"         $3.99       unlimited
Shower "Wet Edition"                 $7.99       unlimited

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Site Shut Off

    Tuesday morning I woke up early to go to the restroom. I am not sure why I checked my email before I laid back down, but I did. I was informed by the company, the site I use to sell my videos, that they were shutting down my site with no warning. I had no time to prepare for this, but with a couple of days to think about solutions I came up with some ways y'all can help.

1. My friend Shari Evans set up a Go Fund Me account to take donations for a new website.
2. You can donate by sending money to my Google Wallet using the address
3. You can still purchase my content with Google Wallet.

    You must follow the instructions below to purchase a video. DO NOT and I repeat NO NOT add anything in the description box for the purchase. Adult content sales are not permitted with Google Wallet and I will get banned from using them. Just like I got banned from PayPal. You can add "Donation" to the description if you would like. After you send a payment, email me and I will send you the file. The file will come from Please be patient during this process. I will be swamped with orders so it may take more than a few hours to send a video.

    I will also be adding new content this week. The show doesn't stop just because I have a set back. I will continue to keep making content as long as I have a way to sell it.

Thank you all for the love and support you have given me through this difficult time.

Here are the first previews of a few of the videos that are still available. More will be added each day.


Ass and Baby Oil
18 Copies Left!!


Wet, Wet
23 Copies Left!!


Apple Cakes
11 Copies Left!!


Like This
(Artistic Nude)

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My Journey to Hawaii

What an amazing trip to Maui, Hawaii! Thank you all for supporting my site so I was able to go to this life changing personal development conference. I couldn't have been with a more loving group of people.

A few months ago, I told y'all about a new company that I joined. I dedicated myself to going to all their trainings and Journey was no exception. It was more expensive then the rest of the trainings because it was limited seating and it took place in Hawaii. I really wanted to go and so I added a lot of content to my site to help me  pay for the trip. I was so grateful for all the support that my fans had given me.

It was such an amazing experience to go to Hawaii. I didn't want to leave. lol It was so beautiful there and I met so many amazing people. The conference was just as amazing. Marc Accetta, the lead trainer in the company I joined, is truly a gifted teacher and I learned so much from his wonderful teachings. I'd like to think I am a better listener coming out of that intense 4 day conference. It is definetly a program that everyone should take.

On the Monday before I left we went to the Boys and Girls Club of Maui and helped them clean up a building that was in desperate need of repairs and cleaning. This is the part of the company that I love the most, volunteering. Knowing that I am helping so many kids and families around the world brings so much joy to my heart.

Here are all the photos from my trip. Hope y'all enjoy!

The view from the plane!!!

A view from my condo. I loved where I stayed. I couldn't afford a hotel and I wasn't able to book it from myself, but I had to do what I had to do to get there. 

Bikini #1

Bikini #2

I felt a little frisky one day so I made some sexy pics for y'all :-) 

Ha! A bird pooped on me the first day! 

New friends were made! 

Bikini #3

A little selfie action followed by a make out session with myself lol

Bikini #4 

Working hard and playing hard at the WV Foundation trip to the Boys and Girls Club of Maui.

A little Luau love!!!