Sunday, August 2, 2015

My New Favorite Pair of Panties

Every now and again I stumbled across a product that I swear everyone should get, I am not talking about the travel club I have been sharing with others, but instead something you will need to take with you when you go on your first Dreamtrip without the kids.  Because you are ready to get away from the kids for a weekend or step away from work. Why all the fuss over a pair of panties? What is all the fuss about? Crotchless panties, but not just any crotchless pantie. It's the mother of all thongs that everyone who wants to twerk for there man, needs in their life.

"Sorry to be so "In Your Face" but let's be honest. These are the kind of pictures your husbands, boyfriends, or partner want to see." 

So not only are they sexy on, but they take great pics. Oh but that's not what I am excited about, and what made me want to tell y'all what just happened. I actually got off while I was dancing. That has never happened to me before! See there is a strand of pearls that cut your pussy in half. When you are shaking your ass the pearls become lodged into you pussy causing friction every time you shake. The rubbing motion against my clit caused me to actually get off. I couldn't believe it! 

These will actually make it pleasurable for the both of you. Let's face it, we probably have a very small window to dance before he has either nutted on himself or does as soon as he puts it in. Cause if I could teach you to dance the way I do, you would understand why I hate "twerking" I shake my ass to the beat of the drum. I don't just start shaking my ass out of rhythm, like some people I see. Anyways, back to what I was saying lol

I bought these at the Hustler store by the airport in St. Louis. The staff there was so friendly, and helpful. I also couldn't believe their prices were so low. I shoulda been buying their stuff years ago. The panties were $12.00 and they come in other colors. The brand on the tag is "Tres Sexy". I just happened to get this pair because a client wanted a custom video with sexy white panties and a matching bra. I didn't have a pair with me so I went there to see what they had. So glad I went with this pair instead of a basic G-String. I promise you he is gonna get his money worth out of these panties :-)

Anyways, I am assuming you are going to have to hand wash them, but I think you should keep them on while you have sex and than keep them for a keepsake. Is that weird? 

Friday, July 31, 2015

Custom Videos!!

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Post One: Sandra Bland Story Continued

Let's start with the video footage that has been circulating on the web. You cannot always go off of the first video you see. Editing tools are widely available and people can edit something to make it appear how they want it to look. The first video I saw was a video taken by a someone on the scene of the incident. At first glance you think the cop is being too rough when he slams her to the ground as she cries out that she can't feel her face and arm. She also mentions she has epilepsy. The caption for the video reads, Sandra Bland was later found dead in her cell from apparent suicide. I was quick to judge and say that she probably died of a concussion that she may have suffered from the slamming of her head on the ground during the arrest. I had suspicion that the cops may have tried covering it up with an apparent  suicide.

A day later another video surfaces of the cops dash camera. No sound was on this video, it hadn't been released yet. I see a calm officer walking up to a vehicle and talking to someone in the car. A few moments later he is reaching in the car and trying to pull someone out of the vehicle. Then he draws his weapon and forced a tall black woman in a maxi dress out of the car. She is talking back and tossing her arms around. They move out of view after that point. I find it hard to understand what happened, due to the lack of sound.

Hours later I come across another video with the sounds. Now it makes sense to me. A routine traffic stop turned into an arrest due to the back talk from the lady in the car. At no point, in the beginning, was the officer confrontational. He did become upset when he asked the lady in the car to put out her cigarette. After her refusal, he asks her to step out of the car. She refuses and with more back talk from the woman, he decide to remove her form the car they best way he knew how at that moment.

Now one may ask, why did he ask her to put out her cigarette? Well, most cops know that people try and cover up marijuana smoke with cigarette smoke. Just my opinion, but maybe he smelt something other than cigarettes.

I feel like the whole situation could have been avoided had she been respectful of the cop and followed orders. Even if you believe you are right in the situation, that is what court is for. Let the courts decide if your rights have been violated. If you aren't a cop or a lawyer than you probably don't know the law like they do. Just because you watch it on t.v. in a cop show or movie doesn't mean it is real.

The next video I saw was of her talking about police brutality. Now it makes sense. She was antagonizing him and trying to get a rise out of him so she could prove a point. The point she proved was that smarting off to a cop could land you in jail. Point proven.

Now here is where a lot of you are going to get upset. Let's talk about the death of Sandra Bland.

Click Here for Post Two

Part Two: The Death of Sandra Bland

Let's talk about suicide. Not a topic people like to talk about. Most people can't fathom wanting to kill themselves and when it happens to someone around them, they are in denial. If you have never had suicidal thoughts or tendancies I can see why this topic would be hard to understand. Many believe this is a very selfish act and why wouldn't it be? It is about ones self.

This part is gonna piss off a lot of people, but first I want to give you a back story of my life. In 2008 I tried to kill myself. This wasn't the first time I had wanted to do this, but this time instead of cutting my wrists I decided to take every pill I had in the house. It wasn't enough to kill me, obviously, but it was enough to make me sick. I called a friend of mine and told them what I did. They rushed me to the hospital thinking that they could take me home that night and watch me. They didn't know that by law I had to go to a psych ward.

I was taken by ambulance to a place that was pretty far from my home. When I arrived they took all my possessions and lead me to a place that I wouldn't wish my worse enemy to be held. It was a Friday night and no doctors were available to see me until Monday. Talk about shitty luck, right?  I was scared and I felt alone. Even my family didn't really care that I was there, they have always thought I was crazy anyways.

It was hard communicating with anyone. Everyone there is assumed to be crazy and out of their minds. I sat in silence for the most part. Most of these ladies were a little off, but I still find it hard to justify keeping them in there. I am no psychiatrist, but I feel a lot of metal illness can be dealt with, but most people don't want to take the time to deal with it.

Many times I felt like I was going insane. Maybe I was crazy? Maybe I did need to be there? All this negative self talk kept swirling in my head. Nobody loves me. Why did he have to go? I knew I wasn't good enough. No one will ever love me, I am just a stripper. I can't believe I am losing my house. I am such a loser. My family thinks I am crazy, I guess they are right. What is wrong with me. No one would have shown up to my funeral anyways. Why am I even here? Men just want to use me. All I ever wanted was to be loved.  Why couldn't I have just went to sleep and not woken up? What's the point? Maybe if I would have died he would feel bad for the way it ended. Maybe they would all finally feel bad for how they treated me. 

Three long days felt like months. I was relieved to talk to the doctor Monday. He said I wasn't crazy and that I just had a nervous breakdown due to the different stresses going on at the time. He felt like I could make it through without needing to be there any longer and they let me go home.

Why do I tell you this story? Because if you have ever had suicidal thoughts, trust me they don't just go away. You have to work on loving yourself and clearing out those thoughts. When they pop up you have to shut them down. Get them out of your head. I still to this day have them. They aren't as present as they use to be, but they are still lingering there when something goes bad. Such as my heart being broken yet again by the man that broke it in 2008, or now being faced with an eviction because my site was shut down and I have no way of paying bills. I have faith that things will work out and that I will get back on my feet, but had I not been working on myself for the past three years...who knows.

Back to Sandra Bland. News reports say she tried to commit suicide in the past. Just because she survived doesn't mean that she went through personal development and learned to clear those things out of her subconscious. To her family, she was happy. She was getting her life back together. She found a job and was going to start soon. Things were looking up. Then she was pulled over. What was going on in her head? I can't afford a ticket. What the hell did I do wrong. Must be because I am black that he pulled me over. Just when I thought things were getting better. That's when the back talk all started. Oh he thinks he can get away with this? I know my rights. I will tell him. You never know what is going on in someone else's head.

She lashes out, talks back, doesn't obey, and resists arrest. She goes to jail. I can't say that I know what jail is like. I can say that if it is anything like the psych ward, you are definitely not treated like you would want to be treated. If she continued to act erratic going into the police station then that is why they put her into a holding cell by herself instead of with the general population. They try and keep the disturbances at a minimum in those type places.

As she sat in solitary. No one to talk to. Possibly being taunted by cops or other inmates, she began to slip back into her subconscious. Whatever negative self talk that was going on in her head when she initially tried to commit suicide are now back again. Where is her family? Why is she still sitting in jail? How long will she be in here? Will she lose her job before she even starts? Maybe I was wrong to get smart with the cops? Will people even remember me? If I kill myself will they remember me? No one cares. Maybe they'll remember me and feel bad for treating me this way when I am gone. 

I am not saying for sure that she had those exact thoughts.  What I can say is that the thoughts in her head are what caused this to begin with. We all want to point the finger at each other but no one really wants to talk about what the issues really are. If each one of us made it mission to develop ourselves more and clean and clear out old negative thought patterns and beliefs, we wouldn't be so fucked up. When is the last time you read a book or took a class on how about personal development? I bet 90% would say never. Just because you turn 18 and you are an adult doesn't mean all the hurt, pain, and agreements made as a child doesn't follow you.

I can't say 100% that Sandra killed herself or not. What I can say is that I can look at this situation in a different way because I have been in a suicidal state. I am so blessed to have found the right books and people to help me get through some tough times instead of relying on taking my own life. I pray that more people seek the help they need before and after a suicidal act.

Sandra Bland

Over the past week we have all been exposed to the death of Sandra Bland. Conspiracy theories running rampart leaving many of us wondering what happened. It's hard to show empathy towards a situation if you yourself have never been in such a predicament. Put yourself in someone else's shoes and see it from another point of view. Sounds easy, right? For the majority of those who are commenting on the topic they have no idea how to turn off their emotions towards the subject long enough to see things a different way. But do you blame them? The media replaying video footage of the day she was arrested over and over again. Deepening the fear of being mistreated by cops.

From the beginning I knew there was more to the story than what we were being shown. You may think that because there is footage of the arrest that it is enough to say the cop was in the wrong, but have you ever been in a cops shoes before? I haven't. You think you would have reacted in a different way, but would you have? Just because someone is trained to handle hostile situations in an appropriate manner doesn't always mean that the cops idea of appropriate and your idea of appropriate are the same.

I spoke out about this on my Facebook page and took the posting down due to the arguing on my timeline. As more facts  surrounding the case emerge, I have come to my own conclusion about that incident and what I think happened. I am going to split this up into two different topics; the initial arrest and the suicide.

Click Here to read Part One

Saturday, July 25, 2015


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Monday, July 20, 2015

New Video!!

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